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What you Need to Know About ESTA Visa Application

In the past it was not that difficult to enter the USA. Visas would be easily approved and people would come in and go as they wished. However since the 911 attack, the security was beefed up and it became difficult to get visas and traveling into the country. There were unnecessary restrictions for businessmen even when they just wanted to visit the country for a conference or a business trip or even to get business supplies. This made business become very difficult. However, the country came up with ESTA application which in full means electronic system for travel authorization. ESTA is not a visa for the USA, it is a temporary documentation that allows one to visit the country for a short time period usually 90 days from when they enter the country's border. Usually this ESTA is valid for a period of two years since when it was granted.

There are various benefits that you get to enjoy when you apply for ESTA. It makes quick trips much easier. This system uses fingerprints authentication to identify fraud, fake passports or stolen documents. This serves to beef up security company in the nation to prevent terrorist attacks. Besides, when you overstay for more than 90 days when you travel, this jeopardizes your travel the next time you want to go back to he country. The ESTA rests when you cross borders in countries not around the USA such as Mexico. It should be a country far away from USA. Also, when it is noticed that you are going back to the USA over very short periods, it tends to raise attention of the border patrol agents and they will prevent your entry. It is possible to apply for a B1-visa as you hold the ESTA too in case you want to go and settle in the USA.

After you have applied for the ESTA, there are three different responses that you can get. Either approved, pending or authorized. Approved is the most favorable of them all since that means you can travel almost immediately. It is also important to note that the ESTA application is usually completely automated and this means there is no need to file physical documentation. Besides, when applying for ESTA every individual passenger should apply for his own. This is despite the their age. If it is a child, you can only apply for him on their behalf. Click here for more details:

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